A charming place


New Farm On The Edge Of The Forest


The Nowy Folwark grill wigwam delights with its spacious interior and the warmth of a home fireplace. The central point of Nowy Folwark is a barbecue lodge. For a reason? because it is here that the whole year is vibrant with life during events organized in a relaxed atmosphere, with music, with good food cooked on the grill. In the menu of the wigwam, grilled dishes play the first fiddle, but nothing prevents them from being complemented by pea or goulash from the cauldron or mulled wine, as well as roasted piglet. The interior of the wigwam, in addition to the grill and fireplace, is equipped with a place for an orchestra or a DJ, tables for approx. 100 people, a large screen, sound system and a cloakroom. Wigwam is the perfect solution for bad weather, when feasting by the fire is not possible.



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